Which hire marquee is right for your event?

Which hire marquee is right for your event?

Choosing the best hire marquee for your corporate event or wedding is easy with NZ Marquee Hire – just call and tell us about your event and we can explain which is the best marquee to hire!

Here are some great things to consider when event planning – which will help you discover the perfect hire marquee.

Tips for choosing the best event hire marquee

The key to finding the right marquee is to ask the right questions!

Firstly, where will your marquee event be held?

In a remote location with amazing views, or in a central city suburb where privacy is important?

Will your hire marquee be in coastal heaven, or forested beauty? Want your guests to enjoy amazing views, watch the sun set and dance under the stars? Choose a Clear Marquee.

Inner city suburb function? Don’t want passers by peeking in, or maybe the surrounds are not that pretty? Need to create some privacy and deluxe atmosphere? Choose a Silk-lined Marquee.


How many guests will attend your event?

Thirty? One thousand? Either way, we’ve got you covered!

If you will invite 40-300 guests to your event, choose a Pavilion Marquee.

If you will have up to 1000 people at your outdoor event, ask about our Extra Large Hire Marquees.


What style do you prefer?

Vintage boho? Professional corporate style? Silver service, or bean bags and buffet? Whatever the look, our awesome event planners can help theme your hire marquee the way you want.

We provide marquee flooring from basic matting to wooden flooring and tiled black and white dance flooring. Remember to allow space for your dance floor when you choose the size of your marquee - let us know you need flooring and the space for people to gather and shimmy.


From strands of fairy lights to disco balls and spotlights, we can sort the right lighting hire for your marquee.


We can recommend great caterers for your event – and ensure that there is space for the catering staff to prepare and display meals.


Most events require power for music, speakers, microphones, lights, and often cooking facilities and even heating the marquee.


As well as marquees, we offer a range of hire furniture from stylish to simple! Choose from restored Kauri tables and chairs, clear plastic chairs or many more styles.

See our Party Hire collection.


Attending a Trade Show Event?

Hire marquees from NZ Marquee Hire ensure your customers and partners are comfortable and dry at any trade event and showcase your brand to its best advantage. We are very experienced in providing hire marquees for corporate events.

See examples here.


Do you need space for food preparation and presentation?

Great food is a key to a memorable event and your caterers will often need a space to work, and tables to present the food on if it will be grazing platters or buffet style dining. We can organise smaller Party Tents to create covered space for your caterers to work, and keep the business hidden away from your guests.


Is your event daytime only or will it roll on into the night?

A clear hire marquee is a lovely idea for daytime events as natural light is uninhibited - but you may want to dress it up for night time fun with fairylights that can be turned on at twilight, and ask us to organise extra lighting for later if you want more than a soft glow. 

If your event will be midsummer and you want to keep guests cool in the sunshine, we can install a traditional white marquee with the sides rolled up (or leave the sides with prevailing wind down for shelter) - and you can task a friend to lower and fasten the remaining sides if the night gets cool.

Both clear and white marquees can be decorated with silk lining on alternating or all panels for a softer look, and all our pavilion marquees are open span - which means no pesky poles to work around when decorating your hire marquee.


Do you still have questions?

That's fine - just talk to us - we're very happy to help with personalised advice on marquee hire.