Planning an event in 2021 - What you need to know

Planning an event in 2021 - What you need to know

2020 was a year of new rules, weddings put on hold, and cancelled festivals - but as Kiwis have become more used to living with the threat of community covid cases and familiar with the idea of contact tracing, the summer of 2020 became one to remember with music festivals, family gatherings and beautiful weddings all going ahead.

To help you plan and enjoy the event you've been looking forward to, we've gathered a handy list of event planning tips to ensure that you can create a lockdown-flexible, safety-smart event and help keep events happening across New Zealand. 

Savvy steps to planning an event in 2021

Know the government regulations. These are here.

Book your marquee with our zero risk guarantee to ensure that you don't lose your deposit in the event of an unexpected lockdown.

Book your lighting, furniture, power, flooring, loos, furniture - even linen and cutlery - with us, so you have all your party hire equipment organised with reliable companies, and quoted through our helpful team.

Create a Covid QR poster for your event - it's simple.

For catering, think about your theme, and talk to caterers about meals with ingredients that can be sourced and prepared within a short timeframe - so that the chance of being caught with twenty 2L jars of specially made mayonnaise is minimised... (yes, that's a true 2020 wedding story... luckily it really is wonderfully good).

Plan your entertainment space to create a really enjoyable venue!

There are a lot of ways to customise your hire marquee to make it the perfect welcoming space, from colour themes to lighting to ensuring no chilly breeze sneaks in the main doorway.

Here are some of the things to consider when planning your hire marquee space and party hire needs:

  • How many guests need to be seated?
  • Round tables or trestles? 
  • Clear roof and walls, or white? Silk lined, fairy lights, or both?
  • Do you want one large marquee or a number of smaller tents?
  • Do you want a stage, or just a dance floor?
  • Will dancing be inside or outside?
  • Will you have a bar, and does it need power & lighting?
  • Music - DJ and speakers or live band?
  • Will speeches be outdoors or in the marquee?
  • Will food be brought to the tables or laid out on a buffet?
  • Which direction has the best view - will the 'top table' back onto the view so everyone else can enjoy it?
  • Which is the predominant wind direction - so we can ensure the right level of shelter or a gentle breeze to cool the audience.

If this list is beginning to make you feel worried, just give us a call and get a free quote. We can help ensure that everything is organised to create a stress free, memorable event - that you will enjoy so much!