NZ Marquee Hire has a Zero Risk Booking policy for covid impact

NZ Marquee Hire has a Zero Risk Booking policy for covid impact

Are you planning an event and need to book a hire marquee? We understand that everything seems a little uncertain in light of the global situation around Covid 19, so we'd like to take care of one concern you may have.

If you book any marquee with NZ Marquee Hire, paying the normal deposit, we promise to refund your deposit or move your booking date without penalty - if there is a government mandated lock down or restriction on gathering numbers which affects your event, before the marquee has been installed.

If guest numbers at gatherings are limited to below the number you have booked a marquee for, we may also be able to provide a smaller, more cost effective marquee to cater to the allowed number, or two smaller separate marquees near each other but not connected.

We can talk through the options to ensure you comply with restrictions, and will be happy to help by providing different marquees from our large range of party hire tents.

If a lock-down is imposed for a time period that includes the date of your event, but we haven't yet installed your marquee - we will move your booking, or refund your deposit, without penalty.

We want your event to be stress free and risk free!

Get in touch to talk about your event hire on 09 579 8334 and we can help decide which hire marquee is best for your event or wedding.

We can also help with booking your furniture, power, lighting and flooring among many other party hire services