Collection: Party Hire Equipment

At NZ Marquee we offer a range of party hire services beyond simply marquees. Whether you need to hire flooring, furniture, linen or lighting for your event, we’ve got you covered. We are a family business dedicated to quality and service, and when it comes to party hire, we’re here to help with all your event hire needs. We understand that when you are organising an event it is easier to get a wide range of party hire products from the same location, as this generally saves time, hassle and money.

This is why at NZ marquee hire we are proud to offer a range of party hire equipment, to use with our hire marquees. Talk to us about your event hire needs, and we will customise a deal that suits your event. Tell us about what sort of party you are having, where you are having it, how many guests you are expecting, what sort of items you are interested in -we can help ensure everything is planned perfectly. Our experience in event hire means we can advise you which hire equipment may be the best value and whether certain products may be more suitable than others given the conditions.