Wind, Weather and Party Marquees

Wind, Weather and Party Marquees

At NZ Marquee Hire, we have been providing hire marquees for almost a decade! Over that time we have established a reputation for reliability and robust, attractive marquees. 

Our pavilion marquees create a large spacious area that is easy to style. They have no internal poles to get in the way, and create a large open space for dancing, seating or trade show displays.

NZ Marquee Hire's pavilion marquees have been employed to create party space for weddings, celebrations, corporate events, long term warehousing and 'on location' shelter and storage for the film industry.

To provide sturdy, weather proof shelter and party venues, our marquees are made from tough polyester double sided PVC for a completely waterproof marquee space.

We believe these are the best hire marquees in the country, and will withstand any weather conditions, including winds of up to 100km/hr.

We want you to enjoy your event, without worrying about the weather.

Click play to check out this extreme example from 2017!

And who knows - the weather might be this good and you'll be bathed in sunshine and good vibes all day... but why leave it to chance!