Much more than Party Tents - Get our full Party Hire service!

Much more than Party Tents - Get our full Party Hire service!

So you’d like to have a big party tent near the beach. Or maybe you’re getting married (congrats!) and need your dream wedding tent. Or your business is heading to a big trade show.

Marquee hire is a central part of the party hire picture for any events, but we can organise so much more party hire equipment! Why deal with six different party hire suppliers to ensure your party tent has everything you need, when we can do the hard work for you?

Because NZ Marquee Hire have been providing hire marquees since 2012, we deal with the best party hire businesses in Auckland. 

Marquee Flooring

Unless the ground is super hard and dry, a lot of foot traffic will lead to a muddy, slippery mess and at worst, can be dangerous.

Also, having a good dance floor will lead to extra fun being had!

Ask about our marquee flooring hire options from modern maple and classic parquet to wooden flooring, carpet tiles, and durable matting for high traffic outdoor walkways. 

We can also help with stage hire. Music festivals and performance events often need a stage with a clear marquee over the top to protect the performers and their equipment even if it is an open-air event.

Marquee Flooring

Party Furniture Hire

Tables, chairs, linen, we’ll get it there!

Choose from round tables or trestle tables, side tables and buffet tables – and a range of seating to suit your event. If you haven't planned a large event before, talk to us about this, as table hire has a big impact on how many people you can seat comfortably in your event marquee. Our Marquee Planner may be helpful too.

Select the right linen for your event, and make your party tent look stunning. You’re welcome to talk to us about caterers, we know some really great ones who we can recommend.

Hire Furniture

This furniture by Two Foxes Rentals!

Lighting, power & sound

Let there be light!

From fairy lights to disco lights or even flood lights and strobing dance floor lights, we can ensure your party tent has the right amount of shine. Think about outside areas too, lighting for pathways and catering areas.

Our partners in power and sound can hook up speakers and power – or even bring generators to a remote location to provide power for music, lights, caterers - and heaters to warm your party tent in winter.

Power & Light

Portable Loos 

It's a fact of life that beautiful marquee events normally require portable loos too. We work with the best in the business to provide portable loos with class for glamorous events, or 100's of loos for festivals and huge occasions. 

Portable loo hire.

Temporary Fencing Hire

If you need to provide safety fencing at an event, or want security fencing for festivals, we will work with our hire fencing partner to provide exactly what you need.


Party tent hire jobs where we have provided more than a hire marquee:

 Marquee Event Venues in Auckland

We can even recommend venues in Auckland for a great marquee event.