Marquee Hire Tips for a Fuss Free Event

Marquee Hire Tips for a Fuss Free Event

NZ Marquee Hire has been providing marquee hire since 2012 and we've worked out all sorts of ways to make hiring a marquee for your event stress free. Here are our top insights for making sure you get the right hire marquee for your celebration or event.

Marquee Hire made easy

1. Book your hire marquee early

Early booking means you won't miss out - and it also means you know exactly what space you are dealing with when you organise lights, furniture, stage, dance floor, catering, balloons, flowers... most marquee bookings are made around six months in advance, so now is a great time to organise your marquee.

2. Talk to us about your event

Let us know how many people will attend and whether you want to seat them for speeches or a ceremony in rows, or at tables to dine. We can help you work out what size marquee you need, but also explain the consequences of different preferences. For example, round tables take more space than rectangular tables to seat the same number of guests, but provide a more social experience.

Tell us about your plans for entertainment too - do you want a raised stage? A dance floor? Do you need lighting to illuminate speakers or a disco ball and fairy lights for a 'dance sensation' experience? Our Marquee Planner page can help too.

3. Have a great location organised

To install a marquee we need good access and a fairly flat area with space to work around the marquee. Because our marquees do not use guy ropes or internal poles we only need a metre clearance to install a marquee in the location of your choice. 

It's a great idea to ensure the marquee space is mowed a week or so ahead to avoid long uneven grass or fresh grass clippings. The space needs to be cleared and ready before we arrive.

4. You may be able to use your marquee for a couple of extra days

Our standard hire period is 3 days, but we can often leave the marquee an extra day or two, or set up earlier, with no additional cost if you request it. That means you have more time to get everything just perfect for your event. It also means no one has to get up early the day after all the fun to clear everything away. Just ask and we'll let you know if this is possible.

5. We can coordinate other party hire jobs for you

Because we've been hiring marquees for so long, we know some great party hire companies. You can ask us about furniture hire, lighting options, portable loos, power on site, catering companies and florists. In fact we can often organise these companies services for you and put it all on one invoice. Less time and hassle for you, and the assurance of working with reliable providers.

6. Be organised ahead of time for decorating & preparing your hire marquee

It normally takes longer than you expect to put out linen, cutlery, flowers on tables, hang lights and generally get the event space looking amazing. Make sure you have a team of willing helpers ready to arrive early the day before and get everything perfect.

You can also get a head start by arranging for our team to hang anything that needs to go on the marquee when they are installing the marquee. There may be a charge for this work but it's safer to get our fully trained and experienced guys to hang lights and floral installations than to let your uncle up that ladder!

7. Focus on the fun

On the big day, your attention should be on having the time of your life. Don't worry about the organisation of the event now, or things that got missed. Enjoy yourself!

And know that we will have provided an extremely high quality, robust marquee, expertly installed. We're also on call if anything dramatic (like extreme weather) happens. 

Your job now, is to just have fun!