A Marquee is your event canvas... make it quality!

A Marquee is your event canvas... make it quality!

Our job - and we take it very seriously - is to provide the best hire marquees in the Auckland region, and install them expertly, with the least possible effort or stress for you. Our hire marquees create a sheltered, weather proof venue that will keep your guests dry, and withstand winds up to 100km/hr. 

Once we know how large the hire marquee needs to be, you choose if you want clear or white panels for the roof and walls, and if you want the wall panels secured shut or tied back tidily. You might add a white silk lining, or decide to let the natural light in with a fully clear marquee. We will create the marquee 'canvas' that suits your vision for your event.

Marquee hire, stress free

We provide a free quote, check your marquee site is suitable and put up a gorgeous, clean, high quality marquee for your event. Sometimes we are asked to hang any large decorations that need to be attached to the hire marquee - like chandeliers, large floral arrangements or lighting. Ask us if you have any of these to go up on your marquee.

Flooring & furniture hire

You may ask us to quote and deliver the flooring, lighting and furniture for your event - from natural wood maple flooring to cross back chairs and fairy lights to generators, matting and hire loos, we can help coordinate suppliers so you have less to worry about and far less work to do!

The final step

Next, the event planner or your decoration team step in, and add the finishing touches to make your event truly original. Table linens are arranged, the dance floor lights are tilted, the flowers placed artistically - and your artwork is complete, waiting for the main ingredient of a wonderful event.... which is your and your guests!

Make your hire marquee style unique 

We really love to see how people decorate our marquees - for large formal events, gatherings in remote places, for Trade Shows and of course, Weddings. See more of our work for inspiration on styling your hire marquee.