The Insiders Guide to the Perfect Wedding Marquee

The Insiders Guide to the Perfect Wedding Marquee

Use this checklist to ensure a stress free wedding day where you can simply enjoy your wedding party!

We work hard to take the stress out of planning a wedding, and as well as providing a beautiful wedding marquee, we can organise furniture, linen, flooring, lighting and more. Ask about our preferred suppliers for catering, wedding planning and more. Because we have been providing wedding tents and marquees for years, we have learned a few tricks and we are happy to share.

Here is our list of things to consider when planning your wedding marquee:

1. How many guests will be at your wedding?

The number of guests dictates the size of your wedding marquee, but consider the shape of your hire marquee too – depending on the flat space available you may need a long narrow marquee, or if you have a lot of wedding guests, maybe you would prefer two marquees joined side by side with the dividing walls removed?

2. Where will the bridal table be placed?

if  the wedding marquee is a long rectangle and you put the bridal table at one end, some people will be far away. Alternately you may place the bridal table in the centre and choose a more square wedding tent. Have a look at our marquee seating plans here to get some ideas for layouts.

3. Do you want round tables or trestle tables in your wedding marquee?

Round tables are pretty and make conversation with more people easier – but trestle tables fit a lot more wedding guests into your marquee comfortably. We can provide the hire furniture you need - and our marquee seating plans help show how the different furniture layouts can accommodate more people.

4. Will there be dancing? Indoors or out?

A dance floor in your hire marquee means you will need extra space – but you’ll have extra fun! Will you place the dance floor between tables, or at one end? If it’s mid-summer maybe you want it outdoors with just a shade roof in case of showers or hot sun? We can help you decide.

5. Flooring is normally requested for wedding marquees.

Noone wants to be slip sliding or sinking in the mud while wearing their most beautiful high heels! We can provide beautiful wooden flooring or jazzy black and white tiled flooring. We also have rugged outdoor matting to ensure dancing or high traffic areas don’t get muddy. Check out our marquee flooring hire options.

6. Let there be light!

Talk to us about lighting hire. Consider lights for areas people will be walking along paths, to food tables, etc as well as inside the hire marquee and coloured lights and disco balls for the dance floor! Will you want more light over the bridal table and gentler light elsewhere? What about fairy lights for decorating paths, walls and the ceiling? We can even provide chandeliers to create a truly magical atmosphere.

7. Creating ambience in your wedding marquee

There are so many options for how you can decorate your wedding tent – from prayer flags to crystals we have seen it all! Walls and ceilings can be lined with draped silk for a luxury finish, or walls can be draped back and tied to poles with ribbons to let the sunshine in.

You might choose glass walls for light and a cosy space, or a clear roof so that the stars can shine in on your wedding night.

We can create entrance ways with additional door shelters and you may choose to add floral wreaths or ribbons and balloons as a personal touch.

8. Food is a key part of any wedding

Will you have a buffet table inside your marquee, or out? How will the tables of wedding guests be invited to fill their plates?

Think about walkways and whether the food is displayed outside the main marquee in a large gazebo, or if you want to allow space inside for this as well. If you have wait staff bringing guests their food they will need easy access to tables and you may need us to leave an extra entrance open.

9. Enjoy! It’s your wedding!

We really are here to help, and make your wedding planning as easy as possible. If you have any questions, do ask us. Once it’s all arranged, your only job is to turn up, and enjoy your wedding day. It will be one of the best days of your life!

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