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Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

The following conditions apply to the hire of any item including marquees and any other piece of equipment by us, N.Z. Marquee Events
Ltd, to you, the customer. In these conditions, the word ‘equipment’ includes any item hired by us to you.
The terms of these conditions can only be altered with our written agreement. No condition contained in any booking form or other
communication by you which is inconsistent with any of these conditions will be deemed to have been accepted unless we have agreed to
your condition in writing.

If you have an issue or query regarding any of the terms and conditions listed below please contact us so we can discuss it before you accept
the quote proposal and confirm the booking.

Acceptance of Quotation:

No binding contract will exist until you have accepted our quotation by signing our online agreement and paid a 20% deposit into our bank account.

Basis of Quotation:

All quotations are made subject to the following understandings:

  1. Hire charges do not include attendance by our employees for any purpose other than erecting and dismantling marquees or special
    equipment considered part of the marquee install. For example, lighting, linings, flooring and stages are considered part of the marquee install, however tables, chairs and other furniture items are the responsibility of the client to place.
  2. Hire charge quotes for furniture and other catering equipment do not include erecting, dismantling or placing.
  3. Period of hire means the period for which the equipment is required to be ready for use.
  4. The size and surface of the site are suitable for erection of equipment.
  5. You have informed us of any drains, pipes, cables or other obstacles which might affect the site. It should be noted that the pegs holding marquees may be driven up to one metre into the ground. You should note that you are responsible for repairing and making good any damage caused to the site by erection or dismantling of any equipment. The site must be cleared of all obstacles prior to delivery of the marquee. If we have to move any obstacles we will not be held liable for any damage as a result of this.
  6. You will be liable for any additional costs or charges of N.Z. Marquee Events Ltd in the event that extra work or equipment outside the terms of a quotation is required, or the equipment is required or used for any period outside the period of hire.
  7. Furniture and linen shall be packed the same way as it was received on delivery.


A minimum deposit of 20% of the total hire invoice must be paid prior to ourselves acknowledging the booking. The balance of the hire
charge shall be payable by you, the client, no less than 5  days prior to the agreed set up date.


We shall not be liable for delay or failure to complete any contracts as a result of:

  1. The site being unsuitable or access being unavailable on the date stated for delivery. The site will be considered unsuitable if misleading information has been provided during the quoting process, for example if the site does not in fact have suitable truck access. This clause is intended for the safety and welfare of our installation staff as carrying heavy marquee equipment over inclement terrain is potentially very dangerous.
  2. Adverse wind or weather conditions
  3. Loss or damage to equipment by fire or flood
  4. Any industrial dispute, lock-out or strike
  5. Any cause outside our control
  6. Grass sites which have not been cut

Adverse weather:

In the event that the five day wind forecast is predicting weather that is going to exceed 90% of the manufacturer’s wind speed rating, then the marquee cannot be installed. In this event the full hire charge is still payable by the client. Event insurance cover can be obtained to cover these costs.

Contingency when marquee is already installed:

NZ Marquee Events has a thorough contingency plan in place for such events and it will be up to their discretion as to what measures will be taken.

Delivery to Site:

You must have the site available and in a suitable condition for the erection of the equipment at the time stated for delivery.

If the site is inaccessible due to a fault on the client’s behalf, then our staff are unable to complete other marquee installs on time. For this reason, we reserve the right to charge a penalty rate of $30 per hour per team member who is delayed on site as a direct result of the client’s tardiness.

If our installation team arrive at the delivery time stated, with access to the site, but no responsible person is available on site then we will attempt in a reasonable fashion to contact the client using any phone numbers provided to us. If we are still unable to contact the client or a responsible person then:

  1. You will be deemed to have accepted delivery of the items specified in the quote proposal.
  2. We will erect the marquee(s) in such a manner and location as we consider appropriate provided that we shall follow in so far as possible
    any plan supplied by you.

If you require us to move any marquee already erected for any reason which is not our fault, you will be liable for an additional charge.


All equipment hired remains at all times the sole property of N.Z. Marquee Events Ltd.

You may not sub-hire or part with possession of the equipment and you may not allow any lien or encumbrance to be created over the equipment.


In the event that you cancel the contract, any deposit that you have paid shall be forfeit.

Care of Equipment:

  1. You are not responsible for thoroughly cleaning any equipment at the commencement of the hire, however you are responsible for
    keeping hire equipment in reasonable condition throughout the period of the hire. This means any excessive mud or soiling must be rinsed or wiped off the equipment before our team are scheduled to pick up the equipment. If our crew need to wash the equipment on site because of excessive soiling, we reserve the right to charge the client an additional cost.
  2. All heating and cooking equipment must be placed a minimum of six feet from the marquee panels and must not be left unattended whilst in use. There must be no heating or cooking within the marquee other than by electrical appliances or purpose designed butane or propane gas appliances. Barbaque equipment or open fires used outside must be placed a minimum of fifteen feet from the marquee.
  3. At the point of removal, all furniture and linen must be stacked in the same manner it was left by our installation team.