Getting creative and deconstructive in a post lockdown New Zealand

Getting creative and deconstructive in a post lockdown New Zealand

At NZ Marquee Hire, we have a team of exceptionally hard working, capable workers who are used to spending their days lifting heavy canvases, framing and furniture. They look a physical challenge in the eye, and laugh. Okay, possibly not actually laugh, but they'll give it a good hard stare and show no fear.

So when covid arrived and lockdown hit New Zealand, we faced a serious question. With a slow in the event industry - how do we keep these great people employed and active?

We often say we're "in the construction business" - half as a joke, but half serious too. Erecting marquees may be temporary construction work, but the workload for our team is no joke. We combine heavy lifting with high standards and attention to detail. Our staff are experts at seeing what needs to be done and planning ahead to deliver an expertly installed marquee.

Our skills mean we can provide some super handy services 

  • Get rid of that old shed, make way for a new deck, take out the old garage and create more space for your garden. We are ideally placed to demolish and remove small or medium residential sheds, garages, old decks, etc. 
  • We can clean up your section and remove any unwanted fences, pergolas, steps or rubbish material.
  • Because we water-blast our marquees after every job, we're very experienced at waterblasting and can wash your house, garage or business exterior with our industrial quality waterblasting equipment.
  • We can do the heavy-lifting of garden work - trimming hedges, digging ditches, leveling lawns, and earthmoving for residential gardening. 

Professional workers, competitive prices

Our brilliant team will arrive on time, do what we say we will, and not charge the earth. We're not a large scale demolition company, and we're not DIY Weekend Warriors - we're a medium-sized team of harder-working-than-usual, extra skilled and experienced, on-call workers.

We understand OSH, use safety equipment, follow procedures and work responsibly. 

Get in touch with David by email or call him on 021 194 4988 to ask about your project - the odds are if you think we might be useful, we will! 

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