Celebrating 200 years of wine – under the stars!

Celebrating 200 years of wine – under the stars!

New Zealand’s first grapevines were planted on 25 September 1819 – fragile beginnings that flourished into an industry with an international reputation for premium, diverse and sustainable wines, and a $1.83 billion export earner.

“New Zealand promises to be very favourable to the vine, as far as I can judge at present of the nature of the soil and climate. Should the vine succeed, it will prove of vast importance in this part of the globe.” – Rev. Samuel Marsden

Fast forward 200 years, and New Zealand Winegrowers celebrated with an industry event including a ceremonial re-planting at Kerikeri’s historic Stone Store.

This was followed by a regional wine tasting and dinner on the Waitangi Treaty Grounds – in one of our beautiful clear marquees.

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