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How long is the standard hire period?

We like to give you as much value as possible and are happy to include up to 7 days hire from the set up day, at no additional cost. Just talk to our team about this when making the booking, as the standard hire period is 3 days.

How much space do I need for the marquee?

As a rule of thumb, our team will require a 1 metre wide working area around the outside of the marquee. If you are hiring a 8 x 20m marquee, we would require a 10 x 22m space.

What are my choices of side walls?

We offer three choices of marquee walls. Solid white walls, church windows and completely clear walls that allow your guests to enjoy the view while protected from the elements.

Does my space need to be level?

In most cases not completely. If your site slopes or dips in any way, please talk to our team about this before accepting our quote.

What is considered ‘good truck access’?

Our marquees all arrive on flat deck trucks. They are 2.4 m wide and 8 m long. During the quoting process we will ask you if you have good truck access at the site. We mean can we get the nose of the truck within 10 m of the marquee site? If you are unsure, please talk to our team.

What if the weather turns bad?

Our deluxe pavilion marquees will stand up to any weather conditions but if the weather is practically bad we may need to return to your site and put addition weights down to hold it down.

Do your marquees require guy ropes?

No. With our deluxe range of marquees we do not require guys ropes unless we are expecting over 100 kmph winds where we would storm last the tent for additional security.

How long would a typical marquee take to install?

We aim to be in and out on the same day. This usually means arriving on site at the crack of dawn and working late. The average time would be around 14 hours.

Can I assemble the deluxe marquees myself?

No. This is a specialised job done by trained professionals. We do offer a range of party tents that clients can install.

Are you available 24/7 during the time my marquee is erected?

Yes we are. You will have at least two cell phone numbers to call if you need anything during the hire period and we are happy to come out if need be.

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